Beach Driving Tips You Need To Take Note Of

It does not matter whether one is going for business trip or on vacation, there are some safety rules and environmental concerns that one should always be careful about. There are chances that even the most qualified and experienced drivers may make a mistake. This is why it is always better to be prepared at all times. Below are a few tips for driving on a beach:

Courtesy: Broadbeach

1. Research:

Firstly checkout the most popular Australian 4wd hire and magazines for appropriate vehicles available for renting. Also ask if the beaches you are planning to go to permits using 4wd on beaches and route. It is suggested to have an updated GPS or you should know your route.

2. Lesser weight

It is recommended to get rid of all of the unnecessary items and fitting especially when it comes to heavy weight items. There are lesser chances of getting bogged if you have lesser weight on the vehicle. It is suggested to pack only those things that are necessary. Professionals also suggest that if you get bogged before driving out, you should unload passengers and anything you can.

3. Lessen tyre pressure

On a normal road most of 4wd vehicles have a tyre pressure of 32 to 38 psi. By lessening the pressure in tyres, they can spread out thus increasing surface area that touches sand. It is advised to lower the pressure to 18psi. This allows the vehicle to have a larger foot print to lessen chances of losing grip on slippery surfaces.

These are a few tips that you should keep in mind while going for beach driving.