How to Survive the Full Moon Parties?


Below are a few things that you should keep in mind while going to a full moon party:

  • Sometimes people’s hostel/hotel rooms are robbed while they’re at the full moon party. Management is surprised and alarmed about the whole situation but it still happens week after week. Gangs operate during such parties, and are often hand in hand with corrupt law enforcement.  Don’t do drugs.
  • Don’t overdo the buckets. They’re literally buckets of rum or vodka with coke or red bull. It is easy to overdo. One bucket WILL get you higher than high. So, if you want to last the entire party, pace yourself, drink slowly. Remember the tortoise?
  • Skip the burning rope. Many people leave the party with nasty burn marks from trying to skip these flaming ropes. Give them a skip as alcohol and fire sure do not mix.
  • Thieves come to the party, and closely watch drunken revellers, who may not be in complete sensesjust waiting for a chance to steal phones or wallets. Just the required money for the party, so, even if it is lost, it won’t matter much.
  • Take a Xerox copy of your passport if you need ID proof. However, leave your expensive things locked up back at the hostel. Leave the expensive things in the lockers at your hostel, and take a receipt from them. It is safer with them.
  • Take care of your friends. Look out for each other. A few safety precautions will go a long way and you can come back home with good memories.

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