How to Maximise Your Knowledge about Wine

A good way to start learning about the wine is to get your hands on a good wine book and subscribe to a couple of wine sites plus a magazine or two. The major broadsheets have steady features recommending wines so try these and see what you think. You may discover that you disagree with some wine writers and that your flavour is line up with others.

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to wine, all that matters is what you like to have as the beverage. You could also join a wine course which is a bit of fun. You can get more information about wines via¬†

Next, get familiar with a reputable wine retailer and introduce yourself to somebody there who has broad knowledge in both local and overseas wines. Tell them what you like and don’t like and ask them to recommend which wines you should try. Buy a bottle or two then give them feedback on the wine they suggested.

When visiting wineries, try some wines at their cellar door and don’t be scared to ask questions. Again, you can just purchase a bottle or two of what you like and subscribe to their mailing list if you really love their wines.