Portfolios Of Interior Designers

One of the best methods for an interior designer to market their services is through the use of a portfolio. An interior designer portfolio showcases a designer’s best work in a manner that appeals to the customer. It puts together some of the best designs and alternatives that a designer has come up with during the process of their career and because of this, almost works like a self-portrait.

Interior designer portfolios used to be mobile cases or documents holding samples of the designer’s work. To put it differently, they were basically paper products. Now, however, interior designers use a mix of paper folders or mobile cases and the world wide web to exhibit their portfolios.

A fantastic interior designer portfolio typically has a collection of samples of this designer’s work in a logical sequence starting from a very simple design and then moving on to more elaborate designs. Some interior designer portfolios also exhibit ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures enabling the consumer to see firsthand the sort of work that the designer is capable of. Check out ascinterior.com/portfolio/┬áif you want to see online portfolios of interior designers.




A number of interior designer portfolios also include detailed descriptions of the design elements used in the area as exhibited in the portfolio. Some portfolios are arranged concerning styles, e.g., ‘modern contemporary’, ‘traditional state’, ‘relaxed elegance’, ‘romantic’ etc whilst others are organized concerning usefulness like bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Another interesting way where interior designer portfolios are organized is in relation to preferences for a specific country or regional dwelling styles, such as; French, Italian, Asian, Colonial, and the Mediterranean. Additionally, it is seen that some portfolios mix and match such arrangements to offer a brief but thorough overview. A couple of portfolios include brief descriptions of the plan and the general look and feel of the rooms and the home after the design.