Types Of Massage Careers

Courtesy: Bored in Vancouver

For those aspiring to become a massage therapist, there are several routes you can take to do so. Each one specializes in a certain field and deals with a certain type of customer. Here are just a few of the different types of careers you can take as massage therapist.

1. Relaxation massage

If you decide to pursue this career, you’ll be employed by the spa industry. You’ll be working in health centers and spas, helping those who suffer from anxiety, stress or depression. You can also choose to self-employ yourself, and work in gymnasiums, cruise ships, hotels and tourist resorts.

2. Sports massage

A massage therapist working in this field will find themselves working in medical and rehabilitation centers, preventing, diagnosing and treating muscle and bone injuries. You’d be working with specialists in physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy. Such massage therapists mostly deal with athletes who suffer from broken bones, sprained muscles and stiff joints.

3. Pregnancy massage

This career choice is generally picked by women, and involves the massaging of pregnant women in order to provide relief. Therapists help prevent muscle cramps and stiff joints in pregnant women. They reduce the amount of pain caused by pregnancy and improve the circulation of blood in the womb.

A course in massaging opens the way for several career options, which is why many choose to take massage courses in Sydney. By becoming a massage therapist, you’d be helping people’s physical and mental health in several ways.